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Cover Letter Examples from Estate Agent Jobs
Cover Letter Examples from Estate Agent Jobs

Cover Letter Examples

Cover Letter Writing Examples from Estate Agent Jobs

A cover letter is one of the first things a prospective employer reads, so it needs to impress and describe how your skills fit the company and role. A good covering letter should include all the main details about you and your suitability for the job, to convince employers and recruiters that you can fulfil the role requirements. Structure your cover letter using the inclusion points below:

* An introduction to yourself with some brief background information

* Summarise why you think you’re the right fit for the job

* Give an overview of your CV and reference any particular strong points

* Add any additional information that you’re CV doesn’t cover

Make sure your cover letter reads well. It’s useful to read it a few times from the point of view of a potential employer, and double check that everything makes sense. A strong cover letter and CV should convince an employer to offer you a first interview, and then the rest is in your hands.
Cover Letter Writing Tips

For further information, we’ve chosen these excellent and professional cover letter examples that discuss three different ways to tackle your cover letter, depending on the type of position. The Undercover Recruiter’s short online guide explains how to format your CV to make sure future employers read it and take notice.


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