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CV Template Examples from Estate Agent Jobs
CV Template Examples from Estate Agent Jobs

CV Template Examples

Crafting the perfect CV should be at the top of your to-do list before you begin applying for jobs. Even something as little as a spelling mistake or a bumbling personal summary can be enough to put prospective employers off, so make sure CV is perfect by following the tips below:


* Tailor your CV to emphasise your skills and experience specifically to match each individual job you that you apply for.

* Get to the point; summarise your skills and experience simply.

* Include your name, contact details, a personal statement, previous roles and examples of everyday tasks, skills, education, professional qualifications and a little bit about what you do in your own time.

* Try to keep your CV on two pages, anything more is too long and potential employers may lose interest.

* Be honest. Lying on your CV might catch up with you later down the line.

* Make your CV look as neat as possible, and choose a clean-looking font at size 11/12.

* Use a CV template to help you out.

* Get someone to proof read your CV to check for spelling and grammar, and a general sense check.


* Think that writing more will make you look smarter, employers will likely have several CV’s to read at a time, so only include the most important points you need to get across.

* Include examples of jobs that have no relevance to the role that you’re applying for, unless your career is just beginning and you have no other relevant examples.

* Use too many complicated words or jargon that overcomplicate your CV.

* Cram the page full of content. There’s nothing wrong with some white space to make your CV look appealing to the eye.

Useful links and tips for Estate Agency Industry CV’s

Prospects graduate guide on ‘how to write a CV’ is a must-read and goes through every detail that you should include to create a memorable CV. The Guardian has put together their own ‘ten tips on writing a successful CV’ article, which includes advice on tailoring your experience and making the most of your skills.

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