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Sales/Property Agent - London - London - (2705)
Sales/Property Agent - London - London - (2705)

Sales/Property Agent

Date Posted
3rd September 2016
Estate Agent, Marketing, Property Sales
£15k or up to and over £60k OTE

The main role of a local property expert will be to build the brand in their own 'territory', visit local properties and build a strong rapport with customers. Other responsibilities include working with customers to making sure any qualms or fears are put at ease and liaising between the customer and any potential buyers. You will be expected to uphold the values of doorstepagents and bide by our ethos of excellent customer service at all times. 

Initially, as working in the real movement of an up and coming start-up, there will be a flexible but full time office role. This will be based in the office along with MD and other early workers. This role will consist of assisting in a range of exciting tasks and working with MD Akshay on such, testing varied creative abilities as long as on important documents and financial spread sheets – an exciting role aiming to have a different day, everyday. This role, when not working directly with MD or on the road with properties and not handling property enquiries – will consist of aiming to find new instruction streams, experimentation focussed on gaining instructions in your local area and working on these. This job role is vital and incentivised on a commission basis (below) and will be executed with a degree of autonomy, working out ways in which local properties can be brought on board, using independent budgets too. Eg Door to door marketing/hit squads 

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