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Estate Agent Jobs, Lettings & Property Jobs - Tips for recruiting in the estate agency industry
Estate Agent Jobs, Lettings & Property Jobs - Tips for recruiting in the estate agency industry

Tips for recruiting in the estate agency industry

Tips for recruiting in the estate agency industry

As recruiting for estate agent jobs becomes increasingly about being digitally-savvy and less about being a good face-to-face talker, how can property recruitment specialists get ahead of the curve and continue to recruit the top talent in the field?

Being honest and open in job descriptions

It might sound obvious, but being honest and open in job descriptions from the very beginning is sometimes overlooked. Recruiters use tactics like missing out key details on candidate-facing job descriptions such as salary information or the relevant job industry. The chances are that salaries and descriptions for these roles might put potential applicants off because the job is in a ‘boring’ industry or the salary isn’t as competitive as others. 

It’s better to include these details from the very start so you can immediately whittle out any candidates that aren’t happy with these details, and therefore save yourself time sifting through applications and having long phone conversations with candidates.

Using all the details of the job from first posting also promotes trust between you and the candidate, and makes them more likely to trust you to help them get their dream job in the estate agency industry. Remember that they’re probably speaking to a few recruiters about different roles, even if they don’t admit that to you.

Using LinkedIn and social media to connect with candidates

LinkedIn is a tool used by almost every recruiter across the industry. The professional network is the perfect place to find candidates looking for specific estate agent jobs. You can invite potential candidates to connect, and when a relevant job does come up, there’s no harm in dropping them an inbox message to see if they’re interested. You may just catch them at the right time when they’re looking for a strategic career change, promotion or new role within the industry. 

You can post details about job roles that you’re looking to fill on your profile, so all the relevant connections can see it and contact you if they’re interested. LinkedIn takes some of the time consuming leg work away and on top of that, it’s one of the best places by far for spotting fresh talent. You can even get lucky sometimes and stumble across candidates that are actually looking for opportunities, and this will be stated on their personal profile page.

Twitter can be another good place for spotting talent, and you can follow potential candidates and industry news websites to get started. It’s a good idea to tweet about industry and recruitment news, using relevant hashtags so your posts get seen by all the right people in all the right places.

Offering candidates something they really want

Offering candidates a desirable perk is a great way to persuade them to consider a role that you’re hiring for. Free gym membership, high pension payments or flexible working are all great company benefits that will get candidates hooked and thinking positively about a potential job. Even free parking and hour long lunch breaks are a luxury in some offices, so make sure you mention them on a job application, just in case.

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