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Understanding estate agency recruitment
Understanding estate agency recruitment

Understanding Estate Agency Recruitment

A closer look at undertsnding recruitment in the estate agency sector.

Estate Agency is a growing market with multiple career opportunities. Estate agents are individuals who market residential and commercial properties by acting as the negotiators between the buyers and the sellers. The estate agents use their knowledge and skills to get the best price for the property for the seller and to find an appropriate property for the buyer. Because of the rising importance of estate agents, the business of Estate Agency Recruitment is booming. There are numerous career opportunities, with a high potential to earn and develop various business and personal skills.

In the process of Estate Agency Recruitment, qualifications are not as an important factor as one may think as this type of job requires individual personality skills. The employers are more interested in the skills and experience than the formal qualifications. An estate agent must be a people’s person. They must be able to deal with people from all walks of life and he must be confident yet at the same time polite. One must posses exceptional interpersonal skills, good organisational skills and time-keeping skills to be a successful estate agent. The Estate Agency business is dynamic and requires high degree of commitment and drive; hence, the estate agency recruitment focuses on strong, confident and dedicated people.

The Estate Agency business can be a wonderful career for those willing to work hard, as well as work smart. There is a lot of money to be earned. In fact there is no upper threshold to earnings. The salary an estate agent would earn depends predominantly on how successful they are. In most cases, there is a fixed salary for the first three months and that fixed amount depends on the employer and the experience of the new hire. It can range from £15,000 to £25,000. Once the estate agent grows, they start earning commission on their deals. Ultimately, the estate agents control what they earn, as their sales ability will be reflected in their salary.

Recruitment as an Estate Agent does not give the individual only money. It helps the person in his or her personal growth immensely. During the course of the job, the estate agents develop and hone their interpersonal skills, negotiation skills, people-management, time-management and much more. It is an ideal platform for self development. The entire career progression is based on performance. So, all the effort done is rewarded, not just with commission and perks, but also with promotions. More than being a job, it is a personal business, wherein all the efforts put in will reap direct rewards to the estate agents.

So, if you think that you possess the right skills required for the job and hold some experience in same or similar field, you should definitely take the opportunity to grow as an estate agent. It will not just use your skills but also develop them further with numerous benefits. You may use the services of Estate Agency Recruitment to find the perfect fit for you; a job that you are ideal for and which helps you gain financial independence and also lets you grow personally and as a professional.

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