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CV Tips & Tips for Landing Your Dream Estate Agency Job
CV Tips & Tips for Landing Your Dream Estate Agency Job

Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

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Landing your dream job requires determination and passion for what you do, and the key to being successful is impressing potential recruiters and employers at every stage of the application and interview process. Anyone can follow these steps to make sure they’re on top form for upcoming interviews in the Estate Agency industry.

Research Employer’s and Interviewers

A week or so before the interview, read up on the company and note down any important details, especially ones that directly relate to your role. Sometimes interviewers ask you questions about the company, just to check that you’ve done your research. Showing that you’ve spent time looking into the company beforehand shows that you’re serious about a role.

Researching the names of those that will be interviewing you on LinkedIn can be a good idea to make sure that you learn their names beforehand, and know what type of career background they come from. They will be able to see if you’ve viewed their profile, which can work in your favour, making you appear to be a proactive candidate.

Thorough Preparation

You should always arrive at an interview around 15 minutes before. This is useful downtime for you to read through some final notes and calm down pre-interview. It’s handy to take a few copies of your CV along, and a notebook with some questions you have about the company and the role. Always make sure you ask at least two questions at the end of an interview. This also makes you look interested in the company and the specific role up for grabs.

Any questions you ask should be well considered, and show that you have a genuine interest in the role. Some good examples are:

* What are the day-to-day tasks associated with this role?

* What are the business KPI’s for this year?

* What size is the company and who would the role be reporting to?

Dress to Impress

Be sure to pick out a smart outfit a few days before an interview, and try it on to make sure that you look sharp and well-presented. For women, a smart shirt, dress, skirt or trousers is a safe bet for impressing at an interview, and for men, a well-kept suit and freshly ironed shirt and tie is the ideal outfit to show that you’re a serious candidate, and to give an indication of how you would present yourself in the workplace.

Be Conscious of Body Language

A strong handshake when you meet the interviewers is important to let them know that you mean business. You should listen intently throughout the interview and answer clearly when it’s your turn to respond, answering questions enthusiastically and logically. Be mindful that it can look rude to interrupt interviewers, and to talk too quickly or too much once you have answered a question.

Maintaining eye contact is also important at an interview, because it shows that you’re capable of engaging well with people and management. It also demonstrates that you’re listening closely to what they say and taking all the information in. Try not to fidget too much in an interview as it can be distracting for those interviewing, and gives off the impression that your nerves are getting to you.

Passion for Estate Agency Careers

Although it’s important that you demonstrate all of the points above, it’s also important to show a genuine interest in the Estate Agency industry. To do this, you could discuss topical news about factors that are affecting the industry, or if you have an interest in the industry outside of work (e.g. through a blog), make sure you bring this up in your conversation to further impress recruiters or employers.

Tailor CV and Cover Letters

Your CV and cover letter need to be spot on to make sure you secure an interview for your dream job. Head to Estate Agent Job’s CV and cover letter help pages for more information and guidance on how to enhance your job application, and finally secure your dream job.

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